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just updating... [Feb. 13th, 2008|04:39 pm]
hm...i haven't posted in awhile.

the last two weeks were restaurant week here in LA, and we got to be fatties and eat some scrumptious 3-course meals from circa 55 and roy's. it was fabulous. i can't wait for next year to try out more places! hehe.

i've been shopping waaaay too much. but the new spring clothes keep catching my eye. at least i'll look cute, right? hah.

i spent sunday and tuesday at a huge craft/hobby industry trade show (CHA), and although my legs feel like they're going to fall off from walking nonstop, it was quite exciting. i went last year, but it was completely overwhelming and i felt completely lost. it was a lot better this year, as i knew what to expect. my place in the industry has also apparently changed in the past year, which was kind of interesting. i also got to meet a bunch of people for the first time, and realized that i really love the people i work with. especially the editors from memory makers magazine/f&w publications - they are absolutely fantastic.

took a day trip down to san diego on monday. the weather was absolutely perfect - mid-70s with a slight breeze. finally got to go to extraordinary desserts. deliciousness. went out to dinner with amy & daniel. fun times.

oh, and i'm going to norcal in about a week. yes, i'm crazy.
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another norcal trip [Jan. 22nd, 2008|08:40 pm]
thursday: thanks to retarded LA traffic, barely made it to the airport with 30 minutes to my flight...ran up to the gate, then found out it had been delayed 2 hours thanks to a weather delay in baltimore (the actual plane went from albany - baltimore - phoenix - LAX - oakland). finally made it into oakland around 10:40. elaine and linda picked me up, we went to pig out on top dog and la burrita nachos at linda's place.

friday: was ridiculously sleepy after only 4-ish hours of sleep. discover that bartboy is MIA. elaine goes to work. off the bart at powell, take a quick walk around the area in search of coffee, decide it's too cold, then duck inside the mall figuring there would be coffee in there. find a starbucks, girl in front of me steps on my foot with her spiky heel then proceeds to give me a "wtf" look (i reciprocated with a very dirty look), girl behind me is unnecessarily angry about having to pay 30 cents extra for her cream cheese. sit for a few hours, meet elaine for lunch. start roaming the city - trek out to ocean beach, sit in the sand, start walking up a hill, eventually end up on a hiking trail. saw a glimpse of the golden gate bridge and decide to keep going...trashed my feet (bad day to wear new shoes!) but got the most gorgeous view of the bridge. it was such a nice, clear day! went off to haight&ashbury, which was interesting and very, very colorful. met back up with elaine, went to zachary's with a bunch of people for dinner - YUM. back to kwong's place, have a bailey's coffee, off to a bar and to play pool. me and james/"ryan" formed a team and won...twice! :D actually, it was more him than me because i am terrible. hah. kwong discovers her wallet is missing. back to kwong's place and crash.

saturday: back to elaine's to shower and change. off to SF to meet up with linda kim and the boys. elaine takes the wrong exit and it takes us forever to find the freeway again. off to mama's for the best french toast EVER. that stuff was amazingly delicious. have an encounter with the most messed up wamu ATM ever. off to shop. i discover i've gained sizes at h&m :( kwong finds wallet so she meets up with us. off to yabbie's for seafood. feet are killing me again. back to allen's. get ready. certain people are already drunk. go clubbing at etiquette, which was more like a lounge - sooo small. certain people in our party had waaay too much to drink. back to allen's. sleep.

sunday: wake up late. watch football. go to cha cha cha on haight for lunch - their sandwiches were yummy and so was this mango dessert thingie. discover this cooool wall in the alley behind amoeba. back to allen's. more football. OOOMG at the ending of the giants-packers game. ken and kevin leave to catch their flight. the rest of us go to dinner for ramen and sushi.eat waaay too much. bacl to the east bay. shower and go to kwong's. can't figure out what to do, so back to elaine's. meet elaine's landlady who talks to me about the heater.

monday: lunch at barney's with elaine, kwong, and james. off to airport. starts pouring on the freeway. linda kim's flight is delayed. land at LAX, find out kim hasn't even boarded yet. wait for her, come home. sad, sad feeling when landing in LA.

so yeah. there WILL be a return visit very soon (because elaine needs help making a move on bartboy!!).

and the barney's must have made me sick becuase i was vomiting half the day today.

it was a totally amazing weekend! (for many reasons!) :D

pictures on facebook!
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the postal service [Jan. 7th, 2008|04:39 pm]
1. why must USPS make my life a living hell? either the click n ship crap fails on me multiple times, or i get my ass to the post office (TM) and deal with long ass lines, slow workers, and idiotic people who take 10 minutes to complete a transaction that should only take 1.

2. oh yeah, apparently the word post office (TM) is trademarked. who knew? it amuses the hell out of me.
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what happens in vegas... [Dec. 30th, 2007|10:23 pm]
vegas was fantastically fun and crazy. it involved: someone throwing up in a taxi, someone getting wheeled up to the room in a wheelchair, someone passing out on the bathroom floor, someone stumbling all over the place, someone constantly yelling out "I LOVE YOU" while drunk, someone making out with random strangers, and someone trying to get hot and heavy with someone else on the bed. some of these "someones" may or may not be the same people, and these things may have happened to multiple people. i shall not say.

we also: ate lots of peppermint jojos and lemon crisps from trader joe's in the car (THANKS JUDY!), watched the office in the car, got honked at and abruptly cut off by an old yellow mercedes with a big black man inside, carried out my buffet method (aka seafood first, prime rib next, etc...an exception was made for the potato bar), got dolled up, were VIPs, drank one too many drinks, ate parisian sandwiches with ridiculously hard bauguettes, had a deliciously awesome crepe (but waited forever for it) and ate it on the "authentic parisian replica street" like a hobo, saw beyonce at chanel, walked around pretending to be faux new yawkers, parisians, and italians, had an ocean's 11 moment, ate italian specialties at a "french" restaurant (that did not have escargot! WTF), wore too much makeup, dolled up some more (wore my new hawt silver dress! yay!), killed my feet, laughed about "aPple BOttom JeaNS," and "some curves," walked around an outlet mall without buying anything (for once!).

among many other things.

a story told in 25 photosCollapse )

there are a kazillion pics on facebook.
good times were had by all!
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merry christmas, y'all! [Dec. 25th, 2007|01:08 am]

aaaand....i can't wait for crazy times in vegas :)
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stream of consciousness. [Dec. 19th, 2007|06:23 pm]
i'm done with season 2+3 of the office. now i'm all caught up. the writers' strike needs to end so i can see new episodes! and i still *heart* jim.

love actually makes me go "awww." hugh grant makes me swoon. and i want to be keira knightley.

i needed something to read. picked up atonement.

currently grooving to: spoon, the weepies, rogue wave, joshua radin, cocount records, JEW, aqualung, the strokes, sigur ros (notice how 2 of these bands are from that concert in norcal). i went through a shins mood too.

one flight away from getting a free one. another norcal trip, and NYC here i come. i <3 southwest, btw.

can't believe christmas is next week! wtf.

oh, and if my secret santa happens to be reading this, i like this dress. the silver one.

i really, really, really need to go to the bank.

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i'm still anti-LA [Dec. 13th, 2007|01:49 pm]
this happens to me everytime i fly back into LA from norcal.

anyway. this is a belated update.

thursday: flew in, flight was 1/2 hour late. we left on time, so i'm guessing the weather delayed it. it was raining when i got in and it was cold, but not as cold as i espected it. went to zachary's (yay!) with elaine's boys, and later went to crepevine. yum.

friday: woke up early, saw the infamous bart boy. yes, he is cute, but i still think elaine should talk to him. i would've done the deed myself, but he showed up late and had his back to us during the ride. besides, i had to get off after 2 stops. got off in berkeley, roamed around the 4th street area, went to peet's, scrapbook shopped, stopped into papersource....got back on the bart, went into SF, window shopped, trekked to union square and chinatown, had a beard papa (i know, i know, they have one on atlantic)! eventually went down to the civic center, walked around city hall, got in line for not so silent night. met up with elaine, proceeded to get stuck in the pit during paramore and could not escape. needless to say, i was pretty pissed. spoon came on, and although they were awesome (and i adore britt daniels, btw), could not enjoy their set as much as i wanted to because i was really annoyed by the 14-year old girls in next to me, and the really tall people who kept moving in front of me. plus the set was way too short. remind me not to go to a concert with a bunch of high schoolers, btw. angels and airwaves was not very good, plus tom delonge managed to make himself like an self-absorbed idiot. i'm sure elaine is going to update you on that. jimmy eat world pwned. they pretty much blew everyone else away. modest mouse was really nothing to write home about. got back from SF, went to top dog and la burrita at like 1 am - which is the best!

saturday: we were supposed to go to alcatraz, but we woke up late and everything was sold out. we went to the buena vista for brunch - yummy bailey's coffee! :) walked through the pier and te fisherman's wharf area, eventually got a muni day pass and rode some cable cars...which are totally SLOW, but whatever. they are fun. walked down lombard (it was a pain getting back up. god. i'm out of shape). ice skated outdoors at the embarcadero. someone proposed at center ice, and that is my new fantasy. hah. went back to union square for the christmas trees, walked through macy's (which is insane), at dinner at bucca's, got stuck waiting for the F for a long ass time, got off and RAN back to the car because it was FREEZING, damn ocean air.

sunday: woke up late and missed alcatraz...again! this is on top of the to-do list now. went to oakland chinatown for dim sum (yay ghettoness. haha). drove around the berkeley hills (damnit elaine, you need to live there), saw some gorgeous views of the bay, raided kwong's closet, met "ryan"/james. drove to napa, got coffee in the downtown area, then crashed elaine's holiday party.

monday: caught a glimpse of bart boy with messy hair, got to the airport, flew home, have been very anti-LA since.

i find that really, really adore san francisco. i think i end up liking it even more every time i go up there.

pictures are on facebook - i'm too lazy to upload here :X
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full. [Nov. 25th, 2007|11:02 pm]
thanksgiving weekend 2007 went something like this: boba and spicy chicken. "first time," lip syncing, gloves and hilarious expressions.pumpkin cheesecake. turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing (no chestnut :( ), and wii (which was actually kinda, uh, exhausting). graffiti on a touchpad. "BART BOY!" lots of laughs. portos. portos closed. souplantation. chicken noodle soup. blueberry muffins. compton. incompetent circuit city workers. boys and cars. target. the office. elaine's new camera. manicures. room arrangements and fate. fried chicken, ribs, and cornbread. a 22nd birthday. comedians. strawberry fantasy and pineapple&malibu. "martha stewart day." jo-ann. beads and wire. cupcakes and frosting. christmas cards. chili dog and chili cheese fries.

thankful for so many things this year. family. friends. this crazy thing called scrapbooking. and so much more.

it was great hanging out with everyone and having some crazy times together. i can't wait for vegas! w00t

and l.kim. i'm telling you. it was fate ;)
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2007|07:54 pm]
judy and i were at starbucks this afternoon (yay gingerbread latte time), and we spotted these cute paper trees. i thought "i could totally make that with the paper i have" and was immediately inspired, so i dragged judy with me to jo-ann, where we bought styrofoam cones, sequins, and pins. we then hit up target for star toppers, and found the perfect one in the follar section (for $2.50). an hour later, we had these:

'twas fun. and they're cute. :)
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for me and elaine's future reference [Nov. 11th, 2007|11:32 pm]
i'm going to norcal in december and we have planned my trip out:

thursday: fly in, hit all the fatty food place in the telegraph area (crepes/blondies/la burrita/top dog)
friday: accompany elaine to work to stalk/talk to bart boy. amuse myself for 9 or so hours. activities include walking around, shopping, and waiting in line. concert: modest mouse/jimmy eat world/spoon, amnong others.

to be done saturday and sunday: outdoor ice skating @ the embarcadero, bar hopping, sushi, zachary's, cheeseboard, virginia bakery, alacatraz (maybe), 4th street/paper source/scrapbook territory, and other things i can't recall at the moment.

all i have to do now is book my plane ticket :)
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