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more nonsense from me and elaine [May. 11th, 2008|10:01 pm]
Elaine: we went bar hopping in the mission
Elaine: I think we should do that when you come
:D !!!
me: okay
any interesting stories?
9:52 PM Elaine: um not really
really really good looking guys
this one black guy kept grabbing my arm
me: hahahaha
amy is demanding you and kwong find black boyfriends
9:53 PM Elaine: why
me: because
Elaine: I don't attract black guys
me: we have daniel as the token whitey
and we need a token black
Elaine: um
9:54 PM there's no affirmative action for dating
in that case we need koreans
and hapas
and I got the hapas covered
"there's no affirmative action for dating" ahahahhaah
9:55 PM Elaine: there's no institutional inequality
preventing black ppl from dating asians
me: hahaha
Elaine: that happens all the time
me: yes
Elaine: institutional inequality against chinese and indians though
9:56 PM me: haha
Elaine: so perhaps we need more chinese boyfriends
or indian boyfriends
but I'd rather not
me: hahahahahaha
Elaine: Prop 209 fuckers
me: LOL
9:57 PM my mother thinks i should date a chinese boy
and my grandma
me: "a rich chinese boy who can take your mother to china all the time"
9:58 PM she told me this about 2 weeks ago
Elaine: lol
me: she was saying that when i have a boyfriend it's going to be an asian one
and that it should be a rich chinese bopy
9:59 PM Elaine: hahahahhaaha
at this point of my life
it can be an ugly chinese boy
me: hahahahah
Elaine: as long as he pays for my law school
me: LOL
Elaine: then I can dump his ass
me: hahahaha
Elaine: why am I giving out comic gold right now
must be the Iron and Wine
me: i like how no one expects me to date japanese boys anymore
Elaine: it's so energetic
me: LOL
10:00 PM Elaine: It's contagious
me: hahahahahaha

(one of these days, i'll post a real update)

[User Picture]From: sanmansan
2008-09-26 10:15 am (UTC)
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