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more nonsense from me and elaine [May. 11th, 2008|10:01 pm]
Elaine: we went bar hopping in the mission
Elaine: I think we should do that when you come
:D !!!
me: okay
any interesting stories?
9:52 PM Elaine: um not really
really really good looking guys
this one black guy kept grabbing my arm
me: hahahaha
amy is demanding you and kwong find black boyfriends
9:53 PM Elaine: why
me: because
Elaine: I don't attract black guys
me: we have daniel as the token whitey
and we need a token black
Elaine: um
9:54 PM there's no affirmative action for dating
in that case we need koreans
and hapas
and I got the hapas covered
"there's no affirmative action for dating" ahahahhaah
9:55 PM Elaine: there's no institutional inequality
preventing black ppl from dating asians
me: hahaha
Elaine: that happens all the time
me: yes
Elaine: institutional inequality against chinese and indians though
9:56 PM me: haha
Elaine: so perhaps we need more chinese boyfriends
or indian boyfriends
but I'd rather not
me: hahahahahaha
Elaine: Prop 209 fuckers
me: LOL
9:57 PM my mother thinks i should date a chinese boy
and my grandma
me: "a rich chinese boy who can take your mother to china all the time"
9:58 PM she told me this about 2 weeks ago
Elaine: lol
me: she was saying that when i have a boyfriend it's going to be an asian one
and that it should be a rich chinese bopy
9:59 PM Elaine: hahahahhaaha
at this point of my life
it can be an ugly chinese boy
me: hahahahah
Elaine: as long as he pays for my law school
me: LOL
Elaine: then I can dump his ass
me: hahahaha
Elaine: why am I giving out comic gold right now
must be the Iron and Wine
me: i like how no one expects me to date japanese boys anymore
Elaine: it's so energetic
me: LOL
10:00 PM Elaine: It's contagious
me: hahahahahaha

(one of these days, i'll post a real update)
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target part 2 [Apr. 2nd, 2008|04:37 pm]
more hilarity courtesy of elaine:

me: off to tarjay
do you want me to buy bartboy for you
Sent at 4:34 PM on Wednesday
Elaine: okay
size 6'3 please
and no dents and shit
I know you like to get discounts
Elaine: but this is my future here

me: i bought you your bartboy :P
5:54 PM Elaine: what the f
me: ?
Elaine: how did that happen
counterfeit eh
me: haahah
Elaine: I refuse to accept counterfeit products
me: LOL
5:55 PM Elaine: it's probably very poor quality
probably a monet
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you gotta love target... [Apr. 2nd, 2008|12:36 am]
ah, target. you can find everything there - clothes, shoes, shampoo, snacks, scrapbooking supplies....and cute hapa boys? perhaps elaine can just buy herself bartboy at her local target (it must be the biggest, most well-stocked target ever).

Elaine: watch it yet??
me: yeah
that dance
Elaine: he's so cuuute
he's hapa
me: hahahahahah
Elaine: DAMN IT
that's it
I'm getting one
I am going to TARGAY and BUYING ONE
12:16 AM me: hahahahaha
getting one what
12:17 AM hapas at tarjay?
12:23 AM Elaine: I don't know
targay has everything
I'm sure they have hapas
that is gonna be posted somewhere
12:24 AM Elaine: yes
god I'm riled up
I'm all pissed and riled up
me: hah

Elaine: you have to describe my utter rage
and how, coincidentally, my gums hurt
me: hahahaha
Elaine: it's a confluence of things making me say ridiculous things
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2008|09:10 pm]
kim is making me update.

so. i also got a haircut.

my version of:

the cao institute sure beats all those asian haircut places. i looooooove my hair right now.

in other news. possibilities are in the air and that has me all excited.
plus i went to lucille's and am happy after insanely good bbq and ribs. i forgot how good that place was! yumm

that is all.
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norcal adventures part 3. [Feb. 26th, 2008|07:41 pm]

i think elaine summed it up best when she said this weekend was "interesting." perhaps for different reasons.

it was f-ing cold and it rained saturday and sunday but i survived both. i think i'm starting to conquer this norcal weather. and of course, it was such a nice day the day i left. stupid weather gods. hahaha.

anyhow, i'm still tired and my back/shoulders hurt from sleeping on floors but it's all good.

i'm also feeling anti-so cal again...perhaps even more so than usual.

but i will be back. fo sho.

ps. i'm rather upset that i didn't have a single top dog.
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norcal adventures pt. 2 [Feb. 23rd, 2008|07:31 pm]
things have been very, VERY interesting.

did the ferry building and j-town yesterday....zachary's for dinner....pool again....more ass-kicking thanks to a kick-ass partner....and other things.

it was mofoing cold today. went back to mama's for amazing french toast (except i'm exhausted and wasn't feeling very hungry)....went to burma superstar and barely touched my food because it was sooooo rich.

more adventures comign later.
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i made it! [Feb. 22nd, 2008|01:27 am]
today, i came thisclose to missing my flight.
there was no 2 hour delay this time.
i checked in at the southwest counter 11 minutes before my plane was supposed to leave. i ran through security, and i got to the gate with about 3 minutes to go.
luckily, the A group was still lining up. luckily, there were several other late stragglers like me.

so i get on the plane, and sit in some random middle seat that was open. i then realize that i have ended up in one of the emergency exit rows. the guy next to me asks, "are you 15?"
yeah. geez. apparently i look 14 now. sigh.

so anyhow. i made it, my bags made it, i'm here. yay. we had indian food, and then we went to kwong's to eat the potato balls i brought up, marvel at jason wade's twitching eyebrows (while trying to decipher the spanish on telemundo), and oogle at half korean actors.

praying that it doesn't rain tomorrow. or at least not much.

new adventures to come.
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2008|09:52 am]
dear weather gods,

you suck.

yours, me.

(note to self: pack umbrella)
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2008|06:25 pm]
dear weather gods,

you are not allowed to let it rain in norcal this weekend.

yours, me.
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happy GLAD [Feb. 14th, 2008|06:24 pm]
while elaine is celebrating SAD (singles awareness day) and making SADness cakes with kwong, me and judy decided we wanted to celebrate GLAD and buy GLAD pies.

so we started compiling a list of what GLAD could stand for. most of these are from kwong and elaine:

getting lonelier annually day
garnering lowered ambitions day
Get Laid Already Day
Gorgeous Lad Awaiting Day
getting less anxious day
give love (an) ass-kicking day
Gratefully Living Alone Day
Got Less Amorous Day
Good Lovers Awareness Day
Good Living Awareness day
Get Love Actually Day
Go Lure A Dude

ah well. whatever you name it, my pie is sure good.
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